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Is a waste-to-nutrient company, utilizing the Black Soldier Fly as a rich source of protein for animal feeds while recycling organic waste into organic fertilizer through a natural and easily scalable process. These insects contain a superior protein content as well as essential amino acids which promotes animal productivity. The organic fertilizer contains competitive NPK levels boosting crop yields and pest resistance.

✔ About 30% of waste in Africa and 40% of waste in Tanzania is uncollected due to population growth, costs of waste disposal, and the lack of necessary infrastructure.
✔ The majority of urban waste is organic, typically more than 50% by volume.
✔ Organic waste in landfills releases large amounts of methane, a very harmful greenhouse gas.
✔ According to the UN, rotting food waste accounts for 7% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.
✔ 85% global increase in meat demand by 2050
✔ 70% of the world’s soy production is fed to animals, with damaging consequences in terms of land abuse, deforestation, and calories waste.

Our Mission

AgriLife is creating a sustainable, nutritious and circular production systems that will positively change the current animal feed industry.

Our Vission

To be the leading company in Africa that provide nutrients for both animal and plant.

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Meet the Team

Bringing out the best in each other!

Herman Edward

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Adria Nolasco

Co-Founder & Research Specialist

Costantine Edward

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Grace Samson

Co-Founder & Product Manager